Udimi Solo Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Udimi is a solo advertisement marketplace. It offers marketers an effective alternative to traditional methods of driving targeted traffic to their website and building their email list.

Udimi is a network where advertisers and publishers exchange trades specifically for solo ads. Currently there is no other major network similar to Udimi where any individuals are free to join. So what is Udimi solo ads? Today I'd like to show you what it is and review the services I often receive there.

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What Is A Solo Ad?

What are Udimi solo ads? Udimi solo ads is a digital advertising marketplace. It brokers relationships between website owners who need targeted traffic and “sellers” who have access to a list of niche users.

“Solo” as in single, meaning one mailshot that goes out to a list of people. A publisher (“Solo Seller”) has a list of email addresses which is confidential to themselves. You as an advertiser write a sales letter in email format (“email swipe”), with a link to your webpage, or whatever page you want the recipients to visit. And a solo seller sends your email swipe out on your behalf for a fee.

All digital marketers know the importance of obtaining website visitors and populating email subscription lists. These strategies target users who fit the demographic of the product they are trying to sell. Such individuals (all potential customers) are referred to as “targeted” traffic.

Being able to reach these types of users with marketing material is an incredibly advantageous situation for a marketer to be in – for obvious reasons. Obtaining traffic to a site or populating an email subscriber list means very little if the people aren’t likely to be converted to customers.

Current methods of obtaining targeted traffic are mostly limited to SEO/content marketing and paid advertising platforms like Facebook and Google Ads. These methods are tried and tested. However, they are also quite saturated and full of competition. Ranking on Google and bidding on popular keywords is an expensive, high-effort objective.

Enter solo-advertising – a new player in the digital marketing space.

Udimi – How Much Does It Cost You?

You make a payment in advance, but will be charged per click. Means you'll only be charged each time a recipient click to open your webpage. Plus $3 flat administration fee to Udimi each time you place a solo ad order.

With sellers advertised in Udimi, typical fee is around $0.35 – $0.60 per click. The number of clicks starts from 50 up to 1,000. So if a seller's fee is $0.50 per click and you want your swipe email clicked by 100 people, it will be $50. Plus $3 admin fee = $53 in total to pay in advance. Does it make sense? I'll show one Udimi seller as an example later on this page.

How Do Solo Ads Work?

Essentially, this refers to a method of email advertisements. It sends targeted ads to a recipient who exists on a seller’s list of email subscribers.

Typically, the list of recipients has been compiled by the seller. It consists of people who are of a specific demographic or have certain common interests. This metadata is what the advertiser refers to when seeking a targeted audience.

The advertiser is purchasing a single, one-time access to the seller’s email subscriber list.

How To Find A Good Seller In Udimi

Good sellers on Udimi

The list of solo ad sellers can be filtered by earliest available date (Today, Tomorrow….), how many clicks you want, charge per click, number of ratings, niche etc. The image above are filtered by ratings, showing 3 of the best solo ad sellers as of today. Niche can be filtered by Marketing, Finance, Health, Mobile or Social.

As you can see, the top seller Malik here, charges a lot more than other two, but while 2,005 buyers have rated good (thumbs-up), only one has rated thumbs down. It means satisfaction's almost guaranteed with this seller.

Udimi Buyer Feedback

Buyers have an option to rate the seller. A lot of sellers “over-deliver” the clicks as a complement and, in this happy feedback example above, 185 clicks were delivered where only 150 clicks had been requested. 50% opt-in meaning about 90 people of which became this buyer's subscribers, which is great.

Benefits of Solo Ads

Next up in this Udimi review is a little insight into the benefits of solo ads. Solo-advertising circumvents the cost, complexity, and time required to hone a “traditional” advertising campaign. It ensures a seller’s campaign is appropriately targeted.

This combination of benefits makes solo-advertising an excellent choice for young businesses. It allows them to seed their email marketing subscribers list or obtain that first boost of conversions. One can even think of solo-advertising as a form of influencer marketing. It’s a very effective way for younger brands to get exposure and conversions.

Solo-advertising is also a good choice for advertisers who have a low budget. Building a pool of SEO-optimized content or honing an effective Facebook ads campaign can be pricey. In contrast, simply “renting” access to an email list is much more affordable.

You also have to consider the effort involved in obtaining traffic for a website selling products in a competitive market. This effort is often negated with solo-advertising. Brand new sites are competing for a Google ranking spot against successful sites that have been operating for years. With this, the chances of their SEO investment yielding results are relatively slim.

Similarly, bidding on Facebook or Google keywords in a competitive market is also costly. It requires a lot of effort and expertise to perfect. Udimi traffic is vetted by the platform and guaranteed to be well-targeted for your website.

Solo Ad Statistics

After your solo ad has been delivered, you'll be able to see the statistics, i.e. information of each individual who clicked your ad. It includes the time of the click, country, operating system, browser, desktop or mobile and the IP address.

Placing A Solo Ad Order

Ordering Solo Ads

When you've chosen a seller, the next few steps are;

  1. Choose a desired date to get your email ad sent out. The available date for the seller is shown in bold.
  2. How many clicks you want to buy – in this example, the seller charges you $0.42 per click.  So if you want to buy 50 clicks, it will be 50 x $0.42 = $21. Plus $3 admin fee, to pay.
  3. Filters – Only T1 – “T1 countries” are wealthiest countries of the world including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore. With this example, 88% of the recipients are from T1 countries and, if you want 100% clicked by visitors from T1 countries, check the box here. However you'll be charged 10 cents extra per click.
  4. Filters – No Proxy – visitors who use transparent proxy cannot be identified by their IP address. They can be excluded by paying 15 cents extra per click. 2% of the visitors that this particular seller in the example use transparent proxy.
  5. Filters – No Mobile – visitors on mobile devices can be filtered by paying 15 cents extra per click. Useful if your site is not mobile-friendly. 5% of the visitors in this seller are on mobile devices.
  6. Type – Email solo ad means the seller will send your swipe to own list of subscribers, whilst Web solo ad means they will put your link on own website, social media page such as Facebook that has relevant traffic to your ad.
  7. Swipe – this is where you type in your swipe ad. Title in the subject box, then your sales letter in the main box. As you can see it is in basic HTML format (font size, style, colour etc with hyperlink to add).
Ordering solo ads

There are a couple of more optional extras you can choose;

  1. If you're not confident enough to write a swipe ad yourself, this example seller offers to write it on your behalf for $5.50. Not everyone offers this.
  2. You can become an Udimi Prime member for 1/2 price. Normally $99.60 for 6 months, but in this occasion you are offered 50% off. The benefit of Prime account is explained later.

So in this example above, the total is shown as $24. That's 50 clicks x $0.42 per click plus $3 flat fee = $24, without choosing any extra options.

Udimi Slider Element Feature

The main feature of the seller’s page is the slider element. This allows you to select the number of visitors that you want to drive to your website. Increasing the slider will increase the price of the deal based on the seller’s “price per visitor” value.

A good tip when starting with a new seller is to kick off with a smaller campaign. This allows you to assess the quality of their leads rather than spending your entire campaign budget on a single purchase.

Below the slider are various settings. These can be activated for the deal, which adds to the price. However, they also improve the quality of the traffic that comes in from the campaign.

  • “Top Tier” means that the email campaign will be sent to members on the email list that live in English-speaking territories. These include the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • “Prime Filter” means that the seller’s list is subject to an additional level of screening. The verification weeds out any low-value recipients.
  • “Only Mobile” and “No Mobile” are essentially two contradictory options. These allow you to target recipients who are either on their mobile devices or not. This can be used if the site or product you are promoting applies to one or the other.

How much does Udimi cost?

As noted, the cost of a campaign depends on the parameters of the deal and the seller’s price points. Typically, you can expect to pay between 35c and 85c per click to the URL you provide.

Outside of the cost of the transaction between the buyer and seller, the Udimi platform charges a one-off price of $3.00. This applies to each order placed.

Udimi buyers also have the option to upgrade to Prime membership. This gives them access to a host of additional product features. These are designed to improve the return on their marketing investment.

  • Advanced click filtering. Regular accounts have to pay an additional fee to activate this. Prime members have advanced filtering activated for every campaign.
  • Double Udimi affiliate earnings. The Udimi affiliate program allows members to earn money for each converted referral they provide. Prime members earn double the amount that regular accounts earn.

Prime membership costs $29.95 per month for a month-to-month payment structure. If you can afford a yearly subscription, this price drops down to a very reasonable $23.92.

Udimi Solo Ads

I see solo ad services as essential tools in order to grow your online business. Udimi is a handy platform to find solo ad sellers. And by keeping good relationship with good sellers, you can steadily increase the number of subscribers, hence increase your sales. Signing up with Udimi is free, I'd recommend to create an account and look around.

Is Udimi Worth It?

Solo advertising is a proven alternative to traditional digital marketing options. It’s affordable and delivers quick results in a short time. It’s ideal for new and mature products alike. Plus, it offers huge benefits for websites that operate in a very saturated market.

For channeling targeted traffic to your website, few marketing approaches are as effective as solo advertising.

Udimi is the undisputed leader in this space. They offer extremely useful functionality for buyers and sellers alike. Their sellers have all been subject to a rigorous screening process. Buyers can be very confident of not being conned by a fraudulent seller.

Prospective customers can confidently visit the platform, sign up and take advantage of their fantastic product to boost their website’s visibility and profitability. Udimi offers solo ads that work.

Click here to sign up for Udimi now.

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