Landbot – Best Chatbot Software?

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Have you come across the new user-friendly conversational app, Landbot, which is considered to be the best chatbot for business in order to drive customers. In other words, Landbot is the best tool for a business to have no-coding conversations with customers at every stage of their journey.

Moreover, Landbot generating leads to the business that ultimately improves Conversion rate by interfacing your landing pages, establishing workflows as well as creating affiliate relationships between Business and Customers without coding.

Landbot is a natural evolution of chatbot, connecting customers in real-time by deploying conversations on Whatsapp, Web, or messenger, with its ingenious custom design in a single interface.

Landbot is a for-profit organization, founded in 2015 and launched in 2017, that aids as a navigation tool to customers through building interactive texting. This helps a business to generate leads as well as sales turnover by optimizing Landbot.

About Landbot

Landbot is an evolution of chatbot, which helps your business to generate leads by building a no-coding solution conversation as it guides the user throughout the customer journey. It decimates the confusion of customers on the question ‘What to do next?’, as Landbot plays as a navigation/chatbot tool.

Optimizing Landbot on your website will make your targeted customer take Call to Action (CTA), Click-to-call, or instantaneous responses that eventually end up in the sales funnel. Landbot is known for various no-coding formats such as Landing pages, site embed pop-ups, and website widgets.

How Does Landbot Work?

Create your Landbot account

Pre-build your chatbot by launching your product, and deploying templates that entice visitors to come in. Furthermore, captivating leads to your business by navigating them to take action forthwith.

Create your own Business workflow

Business exists to accomplish something, so set your goals in an instructive way. For instance, the most innovative and simple way to entice visitors to your website is ‘Build brick templates’ as it shows the whereabouts of your business in a single interface.

Conversion process builds personality

Marketing strategy plays a vital role during the conversion part, as visitors get interested only if the other side's conversation sounds compulsive, so use emojis and Gifs.

Setting Google Analytics largely helps to track your insights.

Create a Landing page

By adding code, your landing page is all set and ready for a conversation to generate leads.

Landbot Features

Being the best chatbot software, Landbot offers a lot of features that are categorized as:

Basic Features

  • Visual Drag-Drop Interface with No-coding
  • Effortless Media Integration
  • Free Templates
  • Personalize Using Keyword Jump
  • Transfer Customers From Bot to Human
  • Usage of Variables to Categorize User Response
  • CX Optimisation using Multiple Questions
  • Multiple Channels
  • Out-of-the-box Integrations
  • Track Bot Performance

Advanced Features

  • Individualization Using Conditional Logic
  • Reusable Virtual Bricks
  • Introduce New Variables
  • Formulas to Calculate, Control, and Adjust Data Formats
  • Webhook Feature to Connect Bot to Any Database
  • Dynamic Data Feature that Shows Only Relevant Data
  • Enrich CX using NLP with Dialog Flow Agent

Design Features

  • Design Customization
  • CSS Edit Option
  • Template Designing
  • Adapt Bot with No-Code Formatting

Landbot Pricing

Plan Pricing
Beginner $39/month
Professional $80/month

Advantages of Landbot

  • Highly engaging conversational chatbot that is simple and easy to build without the need to code.
  • It offers complete CSS customization of the chatbot to create a unique experience for users.
  • It covers the full customer journey and offers more leads.
  • It has an attractive interface that is smooth and user-friendly.
  • Apart from Websites, the multiple integration options include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.

Disadvantages of Landbot

  • The cost is considered a bit high by many users.
  • Landbot is available only in English.

Landbot Competitors


Landing Pages

There are two types of landing pages on Landbot:

Static Landing Page

It is a lead generation landing page that is familiar and well-tested. Lead generation landing pages are pages that collect personal information and establish the first point of contact between businesses and potential customers. It features a copy, form fields, and a call to action.

Conversational Landing Page

It is a new kind of lead generation landing page that features a chatbox for conveying the copy, collecting data, and starting a conversation.

Landbot Review

Landbot is the best chatbot out there with an intuitive interface, a preview option to test the chatbot in the interface itself, and a great customer support system if you ever get stuck while trying to make a good chatbot.

Landbot provides the ultimate need of businesses, an ultimate highly engaging chatbot that guides its potential customers in a certain way. Landbot stands out among its competitors because of its Whatsapp integration feature as this isn’t offered by many other chatbot software companies.

And the fact that a company doesn’t need to spend months coding to create a chatbot is an attractive advantage. The no-code required to create a chatbot offered by Landbot has made chatbot cheap and easy to build. Thus making Landbot the perfect option for chatbots.


If you are a Business concern looking for a chatbot that creates high engagement with your potential customers but also is cheap and makes building a chatbot easy, you should definitely go for Landbot. And the Whatsapp integration feature is undoubtedly a welcoming aspect since Whatsapp is used by almost everyone worldwide and is a favourable form of communication.


What is Landbot?

Landbot is a chatbot software for websites. It helps in making websites more engaging through highly interactive chatbots. It is considered to be the most intuitive no-code chatbox builder.

What are the types of landing pages on Landbot?

There are two types of landing pages on Landbot: Static landing Page and conversational landing page

What are the subscription offers of Landbot?

Landbot offers four main plans and a Whatsapp add-on feature with two main plans.

  • Sandbox: This plan is free.
  • Starter: This plan is offered €30 per month.
  • Professional: The professional plan is offered at €80 per month.
  • Business: The business plan has custom pricing.
  • Whatsapp Add-On for Pro and Business Plans: It is offered at €70 per month.

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