ProductionCrate – Best VFX Tool?

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Creating your own CGI models and assets is a monumental task. ProductionCrate helps you do some of it, free of charge.

Ever since 2009, ProductionCrate has been trying to help filmmakers with their VFX. According to co-founder Christopher Kelly, the team's “goal has always been to provide professional tools and assets to the community.”

What does that look like? Like a continuously evolving library of 3D assets, which you can check out here.

While It's not the only company doing this, like Quixel and Poliigon, to name a few, ProductionCrate did just release some free stuff that can make your modeling a bit easier!

Recently, ProductionCrate gave out a Modular Medieval Castle Kit. Now they’re jumping into the future with the Modern Industrial Pack to give creatives all the sci-fi goodies they can get their hands on. Best all? It’s free, baby!


All ProductionCrate assets are top quality, 100% original, and developed by Hollywood industry professionals. Their HD VFX and Motion Graphics all use lossless codecs (retaining the true raw color and detail) and are pre-matted to save you time. Their fully-mastered HD audio components can be downloaded as full WAV files or as MP3. Their Graphics and Objects archives host assets up to HD-11K, and ultra-photorealistic models so they can compliment a wide range of scenes and purposes. They provide flexible and useful resources which they have found a need for ourselves, or have had requested to them by the community.

Their assets are compatible with all editing suites! They provide several download formats so that you can use whichever editor you are most comfortable with or have installed.

Kitbash All the Way to Space


Kitbashing is a term used in modeling, be it digital or in real life. By taking pieces from different kits and bashing them together, creatives can make all sorts of amazing creations. Need an example? Here’s Adam Savage kitbashing some models together:

The Modern Industrial Pack

With the free Modern Industrial Pack from ProductionCrate, creatives get an .fbx file full of buttons, lights, pipes, platform railings, power cables, and all sorts of vents. All you need to do is load up these different parts in your program of choice and bash them together!

It’s like modeling on easy mode. However, you’ll still need to harness your inner artist. The assets also include all the necessary textures, so your models don’t look like grey plastic. All of them are also completely editable if you’re feeling adventurous.


What and Where to Get It

The Modern Industrial Pack is available for all sorts of 3D modeling programs that can accept .fbx files, which is most of them. This includes Blender, Cinema4D, Maya, Houdini, and 3DSMax, to name a few. Assets are also available in several different resolutions, such as 1K, 2K, 4K, and 8K.

To get your free goodies, just register at There's a free tier, but the team does ask for a $15 donation. With what you’re getting, it’s a small price to pay (but you won’t need to if money is tight).

Finally, visit this link and select your preferred resolution.

If you’re looking for stock footage, music, script, or plugins, ProductionCrate also has massive libraries for those assets as well. So go give them some love if you're in need.

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