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Funnelytics Pro is web-based mapping and analytics software created by Mikael Dia and his team of developers and marketers.

The guys were looking for a reliable, affordable and easy to use mapping and analytics tool but got frustrated after a long search. The product is available in a BETA version which was launched in December 2017.

If you have very many sales funnel ideas that you need to materialize, this PRO version is the best deal. More so, if you aren’t a pen and paper person, it is relieving.

You could be wondering who this software is built for. Not a specific group like you might think. If you are very serious and determined to build sales funnels and track multi-channel data, this Funnelytics Pro software is for you.

Currently, the most difficult thing is being able to track conversion data such as Google analytics and determine the channels that aided in driving conversion.

The world is currently a multi-device and multi-channel and it is hard to understand the whole process so as to discern before getting customers who are beneficial to your online business.

The Good and the Bad

The advantages are the clarity and being a tool that can be used to give more value to any business, its clients and the customers.

You are able to generate more revenue no matter how little the amount of investment on this tool. The downside comes about when you don’t use it.

This is going to be another burden that won’t give any results because you aren’t using it. Another disadvantage comes about when you are overwhelmed with what the tool can do.

This mapping tool is very powerful. It is not good to overwhelm yourself by involving in mapping all the pages that are on your site.

This could be sounding absurd but most first time users often do this. Simply map the key pages on the site and specific actions that you want people to take.

It is a powerful yet very useful tool if you use it wisely. It can also be a bad investment if you just log in once and forget about it.

Well, there are a few alternatives to this software. After the BETA version was launched, there was a rise in competitors. No one is criticizing the alternatives.

As you think of paying a few bucks to try them out, it is important to know that you are looking only for the best tool. Any other substandard software will be a waste of money and resources.

How you can use the Funnelytics Pro

Mapping out ideas. As you go about your business and research on the internet, your head gets flooded with ideas-some which are viable and others might not be.

For you to get these ideas to materialize, you need this pro software in order to map these ideas with the clients.

There is a premium vault that enables the user to access some of the top marketing funnels and make use of them.

While sharing is caring, you also get to interact and learn from clients and peers. The Funnelytics Pro allows you to share these funnels with your peers and clients.

You can refer traffic and be able to see the top converting pages.

Besides tracking and organizing pages, the software allows you to track and analyze popups, events, scroll percentages, video percentages and many others.

There is a free version of the Funnelytics. It is still useful and allows you to map out the sale funnel ideas that you have.

The pro version is however more powerful than the free version and it has so many useful features like the ability to track stats of every step of the funnel.

You can track YouTube views, clicks, popups, events, scrolls if you have integrated it with the Google tag manager. It makes it very easy to see what others are doing on your site.

More Features

A look into the VAULT, this is something that will catch your attention very fast. After purchasing and upgrading to the Funnelytics Pro, there is a onetime offer which is the vault.

The vault is basically a collection of other funnel hacks that are added each month. About 2 to 4 hacks. This is a very big saver when it comes to resources-especially time and money.

The Funnelytics Pro team are purchasing the upsells and products in order to view the whole process of sales funnels.

One good thing about the vault is being able to import exact Funnelytics templates and their respective versions of the ClickFunnels template and ads swipe files.

There are new features in the pro version and you can begin sharing the funnels that you create, share them with peers and clients.

You can share them by sharing the template link and anyone who has a free Funnelytics account can single click and install on their dashboards or you can download a PNG image of your template.

Once on the Funnelytics Pro account and dashboard, you can log in and create a new project. Proceed to create a funnel or you can browse on options that have been provided.

On the settings page is the analytics script that you can embed on all pages on your website. This is relevant for the tracking purpose.

Simply drag and drop elements that you need to be added on the funnel. That is basically how you can create the first funnel map using Funnelytics Pro. Quite easy?


As a business person, it is important to understand the area of your business that requires improvement. Using Funnelytics Pro will optimize the steps of the funnel that are on the verge of losing and in the end will make you lots of money.

It simply analyzes every step in the sales process, goes ahead to recognize areas that require attention and improvement and optimize them to profit.

As you think of making an investment, make sure that you learn how the software works to ensure that you benefit from it. Don’t just log in and forget about it.

8 thoughts on “Funnelytics Review”

  1. This is another potentially great tool that you have shared and have book marked your site for future updates and references. Funnels are so important to generate the web traffic you need to get your offers sold. Funnelytics Pro sounds like a great tool for testing ideals without losing time or resources doing so. I think this could become a very good research tool for making vital decisions about sales campaigns and projects. 

  2. Hi Nick, great post. I’m a big fan of visual business tools that are intuitive and easy to use. Funnelytics looks like it does the trick in this regard.  I also like the fact that it is a tool for building and monitoring sales funnels but is not a full-blown affiliate program like ClickFunnels or Kartra.

    With Funnelytics, how much automation is there and do you have to add all your traffic sources manually? Also, can Funnelytics track data from email marketing?

    • Hi Fluffy Duck – Funnelytics is definitely easy to use. For anything that has tripped me up, I’ve found there are plenty of YouTube videos that really dive deep into the software.

      As far as automation, Funnelytics is built to be highly automated and does a lot of the legwork for you. I’ve found it to also be a great solution for email marketing.

  3. This is exactly why we should all do our research before purchasing or using a software. As marketers, it takes lots of research to investigate what works best with what tools As well as its product and its service.. Its funny how  with the market, we need each other in order to function. 

    • Kind of ironic, for sure, but I love throwing ideas against the wall and seeing which one sticks. Funnelytics looks OK to me. I’ll have to see if it meets my needs, though. Good chat in this comment section FWIW. -Anna


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